E3 :: NeverDead

Konami has found a game that actually found a game to stand out in what has been a rather mundane year for E3. You’d think with the premise of never dying, a game wouldn’t seem nearly as fun. But NeverDead not only looks visually amazing but when I played the Demo it had fast paced action that kept me going, and I get bored with demos quick. The challenge of finding the best way to manipulate the demon curse you’ve been scarred with is what makes the game so fun, fresh, and new.

The story follows Bryce Botlzmann. He was a cocky little demon hunter until he screws up, gets his female partner killed, gets captured, and cursed THROUGH THE EYE by a demon king. It never pays to be full of yourself when fighting demons. Fast forward 500 years later, he’s just as cocky but with a much darker tone. Not being able to die and fighting to make something out of your immortality has made him salty, probably from all of the watching your friends and loved ones die over and over. Now he stays on his demon hunting path, but with Arcadia, his new female companion, and he’s got to make sure THIS one doesn’t die off too.

You’ve got some bad ass controls, some bad ass story, and some bad ass graphics. Now all you need is bad ass music. And that’s what brought me over to the booth to begin with. The soundtrack is made by Megadeth, one bad ass band. All custom tracks for all your demon killing bad assery. In one word, this game is BAD ASS. Check it out when it hits shelves in November.


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