E3 Exclusive :: Rotastic

Now a game I loved but seemed like it might get overlooked is Rotastic. Remember when gaming was straight forward? Fun? Simple? There didn’t have to be a story or complicated controls? A time where Tetris and Pong were the sport of men? Well the simplistic yet feverishly addictive element is brought back in Rotastic.

The idea is simple enough; you swing from pegs and collect all the jewels in a set time limit. But that doesn’t make it a walk in the park. With Rotastic efficiency and style yield big rewards as you gain points for how you go through the level. You don’t need to read the instructions, just pick up the controller. After a few accidental deaths you’ll get the hang of things, and won’t be able to stop. We saw this game walking down the E3 halls and decided to try it out to kill some time. We killed more time than we expected. My entire crew had to give it a go, trying to best the level as well as each other.

It has a bunch of secret bonuses that you luck up on by accident, but learn to do on purpose after, teaching the gamer as they play and making the game almost second nature. This ability to not have to be conscious in your memory allows you to be more prevalent in the game. That’s to say, if you aren’t trying to remember what to do, you’re having more fun doing it. There’s sparks and flashes and excitement and sound. Your feel a genuine pleasure from the rewards and can always level feeling accomplished, but with more to strive for. There’s a spot of magic I think the gaming world has forgotten, and Rotastic has found it once again. You can find it coming soon to XBLA and PSN, as well as PC in the unknown future.


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