No one likes a complainer, especially the guys over at Capcom. 4 new characters have been announced for Street Fighter X Tekken: Kuro, Toro, Pac-Man, and MegaMan.You would think after the complaints that MegaMan wasn’t in Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3, people would be happy to see him in Street Fighter Versus Tekken. That isn’t the case when the depiction mocks the small blue icon.

Not being from the Street Fighter or Tekken worlds, MegaMan was adopted to the Street Fighter side, but with a portly shape and comical expression. His gun isn’t a spam weapon and he does more fist fighting than he’s probably use to, if the gameplay is any indication. But MegaMan fans seem to be on a rampage flipping every table they can find over the comical twist to the character. There doesn’t seem to be much serious talk in opposition though. Main supporters of the game have seemingly, through their respective twitters, come to a consensus that they are either excited to use him as a preverbial Dan/Deadpool, can see why Capcom would make him a joke after all the complaints, or find him over all funny and quasi-realistic of what a matured MegaMan could be.

The roster for Playstation exclusive characters has become quite deep though. In addition to the 4 mentioned there is also Cole McGrath of InFamous and InFamous 2. Pac-Man is more of an adjustment to a preexisting Tekken character than a character all his own. People familiar with the series will recognize he is now the head of Mokujin, a Tekken character that receives the randomized persona and moves of another character each round. What remains to be see is if he’ll be restricted to only Tekken characters or if he can borrow from the whole roster. Both Kuro and Toro seem to be both completely new and their own official tag partners, making them a complete mystery as to how they will handle. But I would put money on them having the same height advantage play that you would see from Servbot or Gon.

With the game soon to come out it will be interesting to see what characters make the cut and what teams seem the most broken. I personally will be starting off playing as the Mishimas, Heihachi and Kazuya. But my prediction for the most popular winning team would be Bob and Rufus, based off of their constant use in both game respectively in high level tournament play. Tournament use seem to be a major grey area with this game. With tournaments being such a major part of the fighting game scene, this game could have trouble finding a spot without having too many restrictions on it.

At first the only issue was the Gem System, which add attributes to your team, and how you would be able to set up and use gems, if you could even use them to begin with. Now there is the problem of platform exclusive characters and whether they will be banned in tournaments. These are both things the community will have to sort through over time as they try to include this game alongside the others in tournament settings. But thankfully the demand of the game is high enough to ensure the discussion will happen. Part of the hype for the game is a reality TV show being created centralized around it.

Named Cross Assault, both Street Fighter and Tekken will have teams formed, chosen by the game creators, with a chance to win $25,000. Announcement of this skyrocketed preorders and generated a pile of audition videos ranging from the casual gamer to some community figure heads. The cast has yet to be picked or announced, so just like the game, people will have to wait and see. This game is full of mysteries, anticipation, and hype. Let’s see if X marks a spot.


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