God Of War Series Review

Recently I found myself re-playing every single God of War game because I had gotten a new ps3 and I wanted trophies. Well I was very ready and I did it in normal mode, yes many of you are probably thinking this dumb noob but hey I like to finish games and enjoy them. Now the first god of war was good I played the entire game in normal mode not easy mode…..until I reached the Aries boss fight OH.MY.FUCKING.GOD. Am I the only one who was annoyed by that? I just felt like It was nearly impossible to do I had my weapons at full maximum my choice weapon is and always will be blades of Artemis and all the unearthly powers were also at full maximum. However, I was standing up stone faced cursing at Aries the god of war, just beating me and beating me mercilessly.

After the 20th try I finally beat him and being a true gamer I threw the controller down on the bed and pelvic thrusted at my TV. I remember when this game came out and it was a good title the graphics were great as well as the storyline and with any good game with a cliffhanger of sorts at the end you want the sequel to obviously deliver & I’m my opinion that is just what GOW2 did.
Now we aren’t just after one god but all the gods especially Zeus, fuck that guy. The good thing about these games is that you keep the same weapon at full meter but it’s tied into the story. Eventually you get it drained somehow and the adventure begins with you having to collect red orbs, gorgon’s eyes & phoenix feathers. But moving on the game play was the same the only thing that has ever changed in GOW that confuses me are the action button and the charge button so I’m like A BOX *tries to open* charges into wall or charges off a cliff seriously again was I the only person who got annoyed by that? Then again when I played this I was over zealous and put it on hard mode until the Zeus battle.

Oh remember when Kratos found out Zeus was his dad? I cracked up so hard like these are some serious family issues; this man wants to kill you but he is your father. But ok back to hard mode, I almost did it but I had to change it back too easy after the 100th time I said fuck this keep your platinum trophy and let me kick your ass. So I sulked over that for a very long time but I eventually got around to God of War 3.

Now God Of War 3 is the best game ever. I first thought a Jurassic Park moment would happen here, whereas the first movie was good and the second was also ok but the third one blew major ass but no they outdid themselves. You fight the Titans now and not only that but the graphics are amazing. Another good addition is you get to have some sexy time mainly with Aphrodite the goddess of love and bow chicka wowow but that’s not the best part.

The way the story begins to unfold and intertwine was great all the games work together to create this epic about a man who just wanted to win a fucking war and not die and be a hero, returning to his loving family but ended up getting fucked over more times than a back alley whore. I feel bad for this guy even though he does kill everything he touches. Oh and did I mention in the latest game depending on how many people you slaughter the blood splatter increases on your body which is very cool. I totally recommend people to play all three games although I just gave a lot away but it’s not a difficult game it has violence, senseless violence, women, gods, titans, blood, action and puzzles. Now we play the waiting game GOW4!? Kratos goes after Jesus & Buddha, in mega HD and 3D!?

~Melodic Chaos


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