Fighting for Dollars

If you are a fan like me, the title above should scare you. It should send a chill down your adamantium spine. Because just like mixing a seizure and a grenade, things always turn out ugly. Avengers VS X Men is a huge undertaking righting now that once done will “change both universes forever and set a permanent structure of all timelines”. Which is to say that it’ll be a giant retooling to make the X Men fit into the Avengers world currently crafted by the success of the movies. Which, if you follow Hollywood and Comics checkered past, means that it will most likely end up as the next movie after The Avengers is released. And, don’t call me a prophet though, I know that if there is a movie there will most certainly be a game. Every Marvel movie gets a Marvel game. And no matter how bad they are, the small fan based sales seem to justify the horrible games, and each one is horrible. Now some people may say “Hytek, but what if its like Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom. Where you fight each other”. And to that I say IT WILL NOT BE LIKE ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM. Their development crew has said they don’t plan to do anything Marvel based for a while. And other than their independent success, all other Marvel based games have pretty much been Action games or RPGs. Which means you are more likely to see Modern Warfare 2 with a Captain America theme than you are to see Street Fighter with Kitty Pride in it. As a comic book fan, the notion of a crossover that will permanently set history on a scale of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is already a huge deal. And depending on fan reception, or if they give a damn, Marvel may keep things just how they finish and turn it into canon. And if that happens, the domino of leech dollars signs will tumble its way right into Hollywood’s eyes. Im not saying you need to fear this game destroying your childhood once again. Im saying you should prepare for it.


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