Machinima Interactive Film Festival

Machinima has captured a unique niche of both independent filmography and the geek culture. It is a place where you can find shows dedicated to what you are into and content that has a more personal connection because it is tailor made to your geekier side. It is true there is as much love as there is hate for the internet force known as Machinima, but they are, if nothing, a powerful presence and a much needed entity. Through Machinima, people and shows can grow, and other Machinima-inspired channels can spawn. They represent a milestone in the history of geek.

The event, made possible with help from Iam8bit, is also a milestone. Through getting together the best in independent geek-based film, Machinima creates a new award show that gives spotlight to up can coming film makers and their teams. There is no Oscar for your LEGO stop motion film short. There is no Grammy for your viral Music Video. But you can win a MIFF award and have the recognition for the excellence you crave. Iam8bit is an excellent host and I have been to a lot of their events and they never disappoint. This event was no exception. Held in an art gallery with viewing stations all around, guests could either watch the videos by group or enjoy the people as a DJ blasted hit songs and geek favorites. Downstairs there was a photography wall where you could take pictures in front of a poster background, or get something to drink at an open bar. Upstairs there was a FrySmith truck and a CoolHaus truck, both with lines of people awaiting free food. There was a place to have your photo taken; costume optional, by a Machinima photographer, and a lounge area to just kick back and talk with friends. With a closely monitored entry rate, there was never a feeling of overcrowding or inability to move. Even if you weren’t solely there for the films, you could enjoy the ambiance.

The videos had a remarkable range in theme and style. Some felt the same, and stayed to what is more traditional of the Machinima network, and some ventured off into the amazing and strange. The were also of differing quality. Some films were very obviously from newer film makers, whereas others felt remarkably professional. Most of all, all films had a feeling of completion in both idea and execution that merited they be contenders for an award.

Overall the event was enjoyable and so were the films. The event was remarkably well done and seemed to go off without a hitch. The films were well presented and all in appropriate genre and quality. The free wine and beer didn’t seem too strong, but that is probably best, because no one needs 100 drunk votes for “The Guy in the Pink Bodysuit”


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