Just Nivi Cosplay Extraordinaire

Now you guys out to know me by now and if you don’t hey, there’s a whole library of stuff I have done, so get to your homework kiddies. For those that have seen the Why I Cosplay section you know I have featured many amazing cosplayers who dedicate their time and effort to this wide world of nerd expressionism. So today I want to feature a new acquaintance I have made in the Cosplay world Just Nivi. Now for those who keep up with Chocolate Covered Cosplay would know that she is their “Fairy Godmother” however, her style gives her a uniqueness that separates her from the pack.

What I look for when it comes to costumes is not how much money you dropped on fabric or even if the outfit itself is impossible to walk through doorways with. No, with Raging Crow the most important component a cosplayer should have is the attitude. The attitude of the character sticks out more than any 5 foot blade you could make and Nivi here has it in spades.

A photo that sticks out the most is her genderbent Nick Fury. Now Nick Fury has gone through many changes but the one thing that remains constant is his…well Fury. Here Nivi shows of her furious side with a very, “try me if you dare,” posture. This just screams Nick Fury whether your a fan of the classic version or the modern. It’s a very simple looking shot but it has tons more oomph than most cosplayers I’ve seen even with a trillion dollar budget, attitude people it’s all about the attitude (hence why I’m Raging Crow).

Yeah watch out for Nick Fury her Howling Commando’s can’t be far behind.

Another shot I want to draw to the attention of your eye holes is this amazing green lantern shot. Now I am showing a bit of favoritism because I love the Green Lanterns but let’s be honest here guys this costume is on point. Remember earlier when I said attitude(seriously if you don’t go back to Oa to refresh your training on reading)? This picture just gives you the feeling of wonder, the thought of what’s out there beyond the confines of Sector 2814. What more does a costume involving space need? Well a lightsaber but that’s beside the point.

Yeah Hal, John, Kyle, Alan you guy’s never looked this good. Well except for you Guy, you will always be my favorite.

I’ve shown off a lot of comic cosplays here but now for something different. We all love the Legend of Zelda right? Like that’s the popular opinion of the universe yeah? Well in the Zelda universe you have many memorable characters. You have Tingle, the Moon, The Happy Mask Salesman and The Great Fairy…I think I just named all of my nightmare fuel. However, one character that really stuck out to me in Ocarina of Time was Nabooru. Besides the fact that she openly opposed Ganondorf her design really stuck in the old memory banks.

So Ganondorf fought against Nabooru how?

While some would say Nabooru had a very small part to play in Ocarina of Time she still was memorable to me in game. Mostly for me it was the character design. Her Arabic style gave some interesting diversity in a game that is, for intents and purposes, a medieval, sword and shield fantasy adventure. Nivi pulls off and brings forth the sass that Nabooru gave us in game. This shot shows off a different side and appeal that Nivi delivers without any problem. Now remember when I said attitude (yes again I’m referencing the lines above again)? Just Nivi has personality as a cosplayer and that’s not easy to come by. Many people just put on a costume but forget that they are re-enacting a character. Now I know what you guys are thinking, “Raging Crow why did you take so much time highlighting a cosplayer?” Well let’s just say you may see Nivi around a little bit more often in the future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed but until then give her a like and share her page.

Give her page a like by clicking this photo!


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