Misfortune High Book 2 Kickstarter

Ahem… excuse me! Can I have the attention of the class for one second? Now you guys remember not to long ago I went to the Latino Comics Expo. We saw a lot of really talented artists and film makers; hell even a luchador. However, a few things really caught our eye and one of them was the works of Jules Rivera. Now if you guys are old or have terrible memories take a look back to the interview we did with her.


Good stuff right and I know what you’re thinking, “How can I get me a piece of all the awesome artwork.” Well the answer is simple my Raging Nerds and Nerdettes support the Misfortune High Kickstarter. I know crazy right, but for a small donation you can get in on the action.

Now Misfortune High is a story about a boy named Biscuit who was kicked out of his upscale school of magic for cheating. Due to his actions he ends up attending a low grade school with a very rough crowd. You can pretty much assume where our main character will end up but Biscuit’s journey will take you on an interesting ride.

Gotta give the kid credit I could never pull off those shorts.

Now Jule’s artwork is an interesting mix of intriguing minimalism and intense attention to detail. It definitely reminds of a mix of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and some of Jamie Hewlett’s work from the Gorillaz. The use of color gives off a bright environment while the hard lining gives the images a bit of bite also the characters are impossible not to like.

Come on the character’s name is Johnny Cuervo did you honestly expect me not to fall in love with something Crow related… Do you guys remember my name?

Now there are many pledge level prizes. You can simply get a copy of the book or you can take it a step further and get yourself drawn in a panel in book 3. There’s quite a lot of incentive to help get this project off the ground but it can’t be done without you guys. So yeah give this a look and I promise you guys you won’t regret it.



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