Twitch here. I’m resident writer, film nerd, tv nerd and general jack-of-all trades, and the only midwestern transplant on the team (Da Bears!). I’m the member of the crew more likely to curl up under a warm blanket with a book and a cup of tea than a video game controller. I never miss an episode of Supernatural, and I have an unhealthy fascination with vintage couture.


Favorite Movie: Horse Feathers, Death Proof, The Lord of the Rings Tirlogy, Wolf of Wall Street
Favorite Game: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Age of Empires III, The Sims 3
Favorite Book: The Night Angel Trilogy, Hamlet, MacBeth

Least Favorite Movie: Anything by Michael Bay. Anything that uses jump scares in place of real horror
Least favorite game: Any first person shooter
Least favorite book: Romeo & Juliet


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