Vagabond Oso


Names Oso, Vagabond Oso. Remember it. I’m here to review the movies that made you afraid of the dark and scared of what’s under your bed. I enjoy all things macabre and I hope you enjoy our trip into the void od the darkest recesses of your souls.

Favorite Games: Armored Core For Answer, Final Fantasy 6, The Tekken franchise, Silent Hill and Dead Space.
Favorite Movies: Most of the Godzilla franchise, Halloween 1-3, Night, Dawn and Day Of The Dead Original Series, Love Actually, Legend Of The Drunken Master.
Favorite Books: Night Angel trilogy, Game Of Thrones series, All You Need Is Kill, Soulkeeper series, Bram Stokers Dracula, Frankenstein.

Least Favorite Games: Amy, Siren 1&2. Final Fantasy 12
Least Favorite Movies: Savages, anything Tyler Perry related.
Least Favorite Books: The Giver, The Host, Darkness Falls series.


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