Reporter Rainbow Dash Updates

I took a long break from Raging Nerds, but I’m happy to be back, with awesome coverage from events that have happened around L.A. in the last passed three months.

Let’s start off with Anime Expo 2013, this is what happened on my end:

Off to a Brony related Topic, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, The first MLP generation 4 MOVIE Red Carpet premiere:

-Reporter Rainbow Dash


Beach Ball Comics: My Little Pony 2.0 Party/Signing!

My Little Pony Full Interview

My Little Pony Coronation Concert- Report #1

By Nestor Velazquez (Reporter Rainbow Dash)
Full Report

My Little Pony Comic Release Brony Party / Code Lyoko season 5

On Dec 1st 2012, Beach Ball Comic in Anaheim California had a MLP Brony release party for the 1st issue of My Little Pony, Written by: Kate Cook and art by: Andy Price!
Season 4 ended 4 years ago, and now they are returning for another action packed season, Code Lyoko,a  french animated T.V. show! Watch to learn more 😀
-Reporter Rainbow Dash