E3: Wii me? Oh…Wii U…

I’ll just say it out clearly: I am very disappointed in Nintendo. Why? It is because of their new “fad” that they’re coming out with, which is the Nintendo Wii U, the controller for the next gen system for Nintendo

There is honestly only 2 reasons why I actually am just agitated by the announcement of the new “system” and the first, minor issue with it was basically the fact that it is unnecessary. To give you a more elaborate idea of what the new system is about here’s the specs that they announced at the press conference:

Wii U:
– Two analog sticks (Joysticks)
– Standard buttons and Shoulder buttons
– Camera at the front
– touch screen
– Motion sensors
– touch screen

To be honest, I would forgive Nintendo if this were a handheld console which in turn my response would be “Oh…ok that was expected, I’m gonna buy one and see how it goes”. Instead they got a response of “What…the…” because the system isn’t a system at all, it was just a controller with a new twist; if someone is watching TV or playing a game on the Wii, information will be displayed on the touch screen of the controller, YES! A CONTROLLER! we don’t need it if all it can do is add information about a game that should come with the game at the beginning and further more, I honestly can’t see what they can do with this product! Though we have to see what the new system can accomplish with a TV controller.

They showed a number of ideas with the new controller such as adding information while playing a game, for example, when you’re playing Legend of Zelda, the controller will display the inventory screen of the game and such. C’mon Nintendo, we don’t need a useless product that’s just going to be a “fad” we need games! Which brings me to my major disappointment of this controller.

When they announced this “New concept” for the new system, I was shocked to see that Nintendo started to play and show some previews of actual hardcore games for the hardcore players, I’m not talking about you’re typical Super Smash Brawl, I’m talking about things like Ghost Recon or Call of Duty (not the one they released where the Nun-chuck was basically useless). It was actual hardcore games meant for dual use of analog sticks, shoulder buttons, face buttons, etc.
I did take this personally because I can’t help the fact that I’m asking the question of “why now?” After the whole time Nintendo was #1 in selling the console of the new generation, why release hardcore games now when the new controller arrives? Was it because it was hard for the chucks to create a core game? Was it even planned? Did the idea just pop up during this year or late last year? why Nintendo?

I still can’t believe that Nintendo would actually present something bad when everything is going good with them in terms of attracting casual players, but if this is their plan of trying to get their core fans back, it is a really risky idea. To be frank, I don’t know much of what they can do with the product, but from the information they presented at the conference, I see no way of making the controller a must buy. I might be early to judge the product on its “innovation” or “uniqueness” but, really Nintendo, that was a real bad first impression…


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