Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) Image Reaction

Now we finally have some shots of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and comic fans have not exactly given this a complete thumbs up. While there are those who think the casting in this movie has been spot on so far I have to completely disagree. Yes I am joining the masses that raise their pitchforks to the sky against something like casting however in this instant I believe it is justified. Now when you think of Wonder Woman what comes to mind? A radical ass kicking machine that can duke it out with superman to a draw?

Wonder Woman ain’t nothing to mess with…like wutang.

A hero that represents not only strength but a healthy kick in the ass of stereotypes in comics and other media? She is a very dynamic character and her legacy has transcended comics and has given girls a character to look up to. She’s not a damsel in distress and she damn sure isn’t a shrinking violet so when you think of Wonder Woman the actor portraying her better have the gravitons to fill those knee high boots.

Now I will not sit here and say Gal Gadot is a bad actor. She played a good feisty character in the Fast and the Furious however that’s been the only place to truly see her shine…unless you count Date Night.

However, what she did in the Fast and the Furious movies was show off a bit more of an eye candy side to her character. She wasn’t Michelle Rodriguez so there wasn’t a big opportunity for her to flex those tough chick muscles. She did have a few scenes here and there but overall she seemed more like a “when the chips are down” kind of character. However, when you think of Wonder Woman you think of a character who is in the fray from the word go.

Supes getting kicked in his chest. Holding that L and that S in his chest

She’s kicking ass with the guys and you wouldn’t even think twice about that. Now I obviously am not going to pretend I know exactly what role she is going to play but I think it’s safe to say we haven’t seen her play a badass super hero yet which does make me a bit nervous.

Now the biggest issue the world has been griping about is her body type. Now I’m not one to discriminate on size but if you weigh 90 pounds and have a thin build maybe you shouldn’t try out for a Brock Lesnar lookalike contest.

Gal Gadot is a petite actress and being such she doesn’t fit the role of Wonder Woman in the looks department. There were quite a few other options and hell it seems that the internet agrees with me to some degree. Gina Carano would have been perfect as Wonder Woman.

Now that’s someone who will hit back…even if you didn’t hit first.

She has a perfect mix of physical build and other physical features. She’s a Muay Thai fighter and has actually competed in competitions so how perfect is that?

You beat me to it internet.

Now I do know that Gal was in the Israeli military but that’s not her claim to fame. She’s been a runway model and combined with the characters she’s portrayed and she’d honestly be better off trying to portray Donna Troy. Now yes it is true Lynda Carter was not a Gina Carano either when she played Wonder Woman on TV in 1975, but we have moved a long ways since then.

Fun fact: Did you know she has done voice over work for the Elder Scrolls Series. Wonder Woman is the one true Dovahkiin

Look at Wonder Woman’s model in Injustice and then look back at Gal Gadot. Bottom line, if you are going to portray a physically imposing character it would help to be physically imposing yourself. I mean imagine if Darth Vader was played by Peter Dinklage, he’s a great actor but that would be ridiculous.

Such an amazing character model.

The final issue I want to bring up is the role of Wonder Woman. Now this doesn’t have to do with Gal Gadot as much as the character’s position in the script. Superman and Batman are the main players of this movie and now with the addition of Cyborg the cast is becoming a bit too big. Wonder Woman will be nothing more than a small bit player in this movie and stacking her up against two brooding super heroes and uhm Cyborg without setting her up with her own movie FIRST is a major disservice. Wonder Woman is an amazing character and it seems that Zack Snyder is intent on pushing his own image as opposed to the image that has been established. Now I don’t mind directors taking a character into a unique direction however Zack already messed up by turning Superman into a brooding Batman rip off. Now how will he portray Wonder Woman in terms of the script is unknown but as far as I can see I’m face palming harder than I was when I heard the Ben Affleck announcement.


One comment on “Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) Image Reaction

  1. Sorry I have to completely disagree with you.

    You should check out this picture that actually captures her from a frontal angle.

    THIS picture shows just how much more defined her shoulders are and how much bigger she’s gotten.

    I find it rather interesting you pick the 5’7 Carano to play the Amazon Warrior but the 5’9 Gal Gadot somehow isn’t the proper size.

    It’s very nice you brought up Lynda Carter who a lot of people identify with Wonder Woman. There is no doubt she pulled off the role despite that.

    But let’s break down “size” between Gadot and Carter for reference.

    Both are 5’9.

    Lynda Carter’s measurements stand at

    Gal Gadot’s measurements BEFORE bulking up were

    So all Carter had on Gadot before she even bulked up was bigger bust(38 to 32).

    That’s quite astounding since a lot of people via the “eyetest” don’t assume that they’re basically the same size.

    Also I need to call you out on things a lot of people seem to miss.

    Whenever someone mentions Gina Carano they always talk about her body type and the fact that she can fight in MMA.

    Gal Gadot does her own stunts and is not shy to action either. Also when it comes to playing Wonder Woman you aren’t just playing the “fighting” Wonder Woman you’re also playing Diana Prince the elegant future ambassador of Majestic Elegance, Class and Grace. While some people can maybe see Carano if Wonder Woman was only asked to run around and punch people, but what about when it comes time to be diplomatic with that classy twist and exotic feel that Diana pulls off perfectly?

    Do you think Carano has the acting chops to actually get deep into the character that is Diana? Better yet do you assume she can do this in a standalone movie and carry it on her own?

    That is something no one seems to want to think about or acknowledge. Gadot as she is the same size as Carter can pull off Wonder Woman, but she also has the elegance and grace to pull off Diana as well and THAT is a major factor.

    So I’ll have to respectfully disagree with your article.

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